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We Create Business Value Through Innovation!
As Strategic Innovation Consultants, Bombay Innovation Group partners with clients to conceptualize and commercialize new products, services or markets to deliver transformational growth.

What is Strategic Innovation?

It is more than just a new or creative idea. It is the kind of innovation that translates the vision of an organization into reality. It emerges from internal and external collaborations in a focused pursuit of strategic objectives. Enabling, guiding and often accelerating an idea from mind to market, it channels the organizational creativity in one direction. Strategic Innovation puts an organization on a newly discovered path to transformational growth.


What is Transformational Growth?

It is more than just incremental growth. It is the kind of growth that will change the direction of an organization and renew its lease on life. It is growth that leads to new possibilities, opens up new markets and rejuvenates the sense of purpose within an organization. It is growth by differentiation, by deviating from the norm, challenging the status quo, and doing what others are not.


At Bombay Innovation Group, we innovate to deliver transformational growth in three ways: mindshift, marketshift, and modelshift

Imagine creating a culture of innovation that encourages initiative, nurtures different points of view and produces different ways of doing things. It enables you to outpace competitive threats and keep customers captivated with your brand. It attracts the most innovative talent and unleashes their full creative potential and capabilities to bring about a change.

How would you go about achieving such a state of mind for your organization?
Mindshift is a series of strategic workshops, tailored to coach your organizational leaders in cultivating innovators from within and managing them proactively to cause desirable change. Read More...

Mindshift is designed to shift the mindset of CEO's, directors, managers and team leaders to enable transformational innovation within the four walls of their office through individual and group coaching sessions.

We help you build an innovation culture and process that responds to the uniqueness of your business environment and then embed it into the DNA of your organization. It involves conducting a Needs Assessment based on employee interviews, facilitating ideation workshops to generate applicable solutions and supporting the implementation of organizational change every step of the way.

What's in it for you?

  • Re-energized, Re-aligned and Empowered Employees
  • Continual Strategic Coaching and Implementation Support
  • Dynamic Culture of Innovation, Execution and Accountability
  • Organizational Strategy becomes a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can benefit from mindshift.

Imagine improving on an existing product or service, advancing its features to offer greater value, or becoming #1 in customer service in your category. Keeping pace with customer expectations requires continuous innovation through persistent study of market trends and engaging customers in the product development process. The result is a longer brand life cycle, growing customer base and an expanding market footprint.

How would you go about evolving your customer value proposition?
Marketshift increases the effectiveness and relevance of your offering to the customer by targeting latent needs within the product category. It enables product managers to maximize the ROI and plan a better strategy for the future. Read More...

Our innovation model helps keep pace with the rapidly evolving consumer needs by investigating, observing, co-creating and ideating with them, instead of for them. The key is to keep the customer at the center of the process in order to fuel future growth. The outcome is an expansion of target market segments while minimizing the risks of new product development.

The model leverages user observation, product performance analysis, and customer validation among other techniques to conceptualize and commercialize the ideal next version.

What's in it for you?

  • Extend the Brand Life Cycle
  • Expand your Market Footprint
  • Increase the Probability of Launch and Success
  • Make the Next Version its Best Version

Learn how we can help strengthen your product pipeline using marketshift.

Imagine being able to break through conventional barriers to create new product or service categories, or capture untouched ones. Envision challenging the status quo to transform your business by going where nobody is and doing what nobody does. Whether you are offering a new way for customers to access your solution or creating a new offering altogether, what matters is whether you know how to look for opportunities and convert them into amazing products or services.

How would you transform your business to dominate in and beyond your category?
Modelshift guides you in the pursuit of disruptive innovation for new customer groups and build new business models to conquer unexplored market territories. Our process delivers transformational growth strategies to create new category, product or service innovations and fully supports its commercialization for an impactful market entry. Read More...

Our milestone based approach of Exploration, Conceptualization, Creation and Commercialization enables the funneling of diverse ideas inspired by customers and experts. The use of various research, development and execution methodologies within the process results in the emergence of a commercially viable innovation with the greatest potential to transform the market.

Modelshift delivers the competitive advantage your organization is looking for, bringing you that revolutionary and disruptive dimension you seek. You will be able to play in different markets, exploit untapped ones and ensure growth opportunities for the future.

What's in it for you?

  • Redefine your Organization and Renew its Life Cycle
  • Diversify your Existing Product Portfolio and Customer Base
  • Enter New Categories and Markets
  • Begin on a Path to Sustained Transformational Growth

Learn how we can help put your organization on a path to transformational growth using modelshift.

Our strategic innovation model is packed with an arsenal of creative and inclusive techniques. From this model, we will custom design a process that can most effectively respond to the uniqueness of your business environment and challenge at hand.

To Differentiate, Grow, and Prevail Through Change is 'To Innovate.'
Our purpose is to infuse businesses and brands with innovation, to develop new value propositions that respond to unmet and unexpressed needs of customers in and beyond the current target market.

Why Should You Call Upon Us?

  • We are passionate about innovation and committed to finding untapped opportunities within each of our clients' businesses.
  • Our process, what sets us apart, is an adaptable blend of rigorous exploration, creative ideation and diverse collaborations.
  • We have a unique approach to innovation that engages customers, partners and category experts with client teams to drive innovation together.
  • You don’t hire us to do what you’ve been doing all along. You’re on the lookout for something different than business as usual – "something innovative".
  • You are seeking an innovation partner, not just a mere advisor, to help you conceptualize and commercialize the next great idea for your organization.


We take it upon ourselves to build a path to transformative growth with you. Here are three things that make Bombay Innovation Group a different kind of innovation partner: differentapproach, differentteam, differentmodel

We are a process driven company and take a unique approach to overcome each challenge. We believe that each problem is different and there is no one framework or process that can solve all problems. So we have developed an innovation model that is customizable, agile and yet structured to ensure the most favorable outcomes.

Ours is a smart model that minimizes risks and maximizes the impact of innovation. It is able to respond to the uniqueness of each challenge by allowing us to incorporate all those innovation activities required for overcoming that specific challenge. It leverages customer feedback at regular intervals to refine the concept over a series of rapid iterations. The outcome is measurable in a successful launch and greater market acceptance.

We act as a guide for organizational re-alignment in the pursuit of innovation, enabling people within the company to innovate with accountability and select the optimal business model for the launch of new products and services. Each day, we strive to add new value to our clients.

Bombay Innovation Group offers a fresh, objective point of view that comes out of committed research, expert ideation and professional collaboration. As partners in each engagement, we seek and seize unique innovation opportunities disguised within each of the challenges faced by the organization.

Our consultants bring with them a global mindset to cause positive change for uplifting an organization and society overall. They collaborate with a network of experts who have specialized skills, unique backgrounds and complimentary strengths. Each project team is custom-built to include the ideal combination of skills required and make the greatest impact on your organization.

We can’t be real innovation consultants if we didn’t innovate new ways to engage with our clients, one that represents a win-win model for the partnership. Our goal is to achieve success in every partnership, both in terms of the investment in and return from innovation. We do that by pursuing shared goals and aligning our goals with our clients.

Our fixed-fee engagement model involves payouts only upon completion of specific innovation stages or when pre-determined milestones are met.

When it makes sense, we also agree to take up risk-sharing engagements to become true innovation partners with our clients. A low consulting fee and stake in the top-line revenue generated from the innovation initiative ensures that our motivations are aligned with our clients’ and we only get paid once they have made money.

What better way is there to say, "Come, partner with Bombay Innovation Group and achieve sustainable transformational growth."

Jairaj Mashru, Innovation Strategist

Jairaj Mashru,
Innovation Strategist

Biren Mehta, Innovation Strategist

Biren Mehta,
Innovation Strategist

Jairaj Mashru,
Innovation Strategist

An accomplished consultant in technology, marketing and brand strategy, Jairaj has collaborated with an array of clients across industries and geographies to deliver top-line growth through strategic innovation. His insatiable curiosity and boundless creativity is well balanced with powerful analytical skills and a keen sense of strategy. Like a serial innovator, he thrives on conceptualizing and commercializing breakthrough ideas to capture untapped opportunities and create new markets.

His past clients include Johnson & Johnson, Hilton Hotels, Lucas Arts, and Billmatrix among others. Full Bio PDF


Biren Mehta,
Innovation Strategist

Biren offers a solid combination of operations and risk mitigation when solving strategic innovation challenges for clients. His arsenal of skills has been fine-tuned over a career diversified in both, function and geography. He has been a pharmacist, technology entrepreneur and manager of retail, supply chain and distribution in the US, India, Netherlands, and South Korea. Equipped with strong user observation skills and high customer empathy, he is capable of finding unique opportunities for innovation in any kind of business.

He has worked in various innovation capacities at Walgreens, Yahoo! and an Innovation Accelerator called Waleli. Full Bio PDF


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